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  Róbert MIKES
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Value Offered: More than 10 years of professional experience in the full life cycle of software development (Java, C++, Oracle) combined with a strong desire to contribute to scientific research.


•   Ability to reach goals: Persist until the goal is achieved and if there are obstacles in the way, enjoy problem solving to find ways over, under, around or through them.
•   Teamwork: Able to collaborate with team members and other teams. Open to new ideas and to sharing knowledge, best practices and opinions.
•   Communication: Effective communication and interpersonal skills. Worked and communicated in a global team. Able to facilitate meetings and brainstorming sessions.
•   Problem solving: Analytical, logical thinking, thorough in every activity. Proactively combined analytical skills with creative thinking to identify areas of opportunity.
•   Flexibility: Able to adapt and make decisions on the spot. Frequently performed in stressful situations. Eager to learn, have the ability to apply new knowledge promptly.
•   Devoted to quality: Strong grasp of software engineering techniques, being committed to high standards of excellence, quality and detail oriented, yet able to deliver on time.
•   Leadership: Ability of distributing tasks between engineers, estimating resource needs, motivating by delegating ownership, keeping the team focused and moderating team meetings.



Sr. Software Engineer

Interactive Brokers Group – Hungary, US and Switzerland

•   Designed and developed an automated system for processing customer elections on voluntary corporate actions. Took part in the whole life-cycle of the project: requirements analysis, specification, design, implementation, documentation, support. Coordinated between several teams, defined the subsystem interfaces and implemented the back-end.
•   Developed a DVP (Delivery vs. Payment) and PTA (Post-Trade Allocation) system that enabled the company to become a prime broker. 1 year after going live, IB got 2nd place in the Best Commodities Prime Broker category (Trader Daily Magazine). Took part in design, development and provided continuous production support. Implemented transfers for US and Canadian clearing houses, customer-facing and back-office UI, netting (to reduce fees), re- designed the state machine to accommodate manual transmission after automatic cut-off time, changed from file-based transmissions to event-driven MQ protocol. Led a team of 3 software engineers located in Saint-Petersburg.
•   Improved the Credit Manager (customer equity and margin calculation) and Commission Assessor (commission calculation) systems written in C++. These applications have to be extremely fast, so the 200 instances run in a managed load-balancing scheme, all data being loaded in memory at startup, with occasional sync messages coming from the Clearing DB.


Software Engineer, Team Leader

GE Healthcare Technologies – Hungary

•   Designed and developed safety critical, highly reliable, diagnostic imaging X-Ray systems (AdvantX and Innova), as part of a global team. Collaborated with engineers in France and India on a daily basis and did three successful assignments in Buc, France.
•   Led teams of 3-5 engineers throughout the full lifecycle of several projects and participated in the leadership of a team of 11 software engineers. By reacting fast to solve problems and by constantly delivering new features we have been able to keep our customers happy.
•   Increased FDA compliance of many documents. Consistently applied CAPA (Corrective Action – Preventive Action) methodologies for fixing issues. As a result my team steadily increased the audit score from 80% in 2002 to 95% in 2005.
•   As a member of the technical leadership team, improved software development and configuration processes, reviewed designs, code, test plans and related documentation. Shared best practices by developing common tools and publishing a list of HowTos.
•   Granted company awards three times: leadership in the development of the SubPACS project, Design for Six Sigma (DFFS/sw) Green Belt certification and participation on the 5th Six Sigma Fair with the AutoDSA project.


Software Engineer, Team Leader

EuroTrend Ltd – Hungary and Romania

•   EuroTrend Ltd. is a software company that does custom development of Oracle database systems for customers active in various market sectors.
•   Found a business opportunity through personal contacts for development of a system that covers all the distribution, warehouse management, accounting and financing processes of the electronic component retailer VitaCom Electronics, Cluj-Napoca. Member of the requirement analysis and design team. Led the team of 6 engineers responsible for translating the system to Romanian. Communicated directly with the customer throughout the whole project lifecycle.
•   Developed enhancements for a distribution, warehouse management, accounting and financing system for the international pharmaceutical wholesaler Medimpex Trading Co, Budapest.
•   Designed and developed a travel insurance system for QBE Atlasz Insurance Co, Budapest. Member of the team responsible for documenting the software and communicating with representatives of the customer.


Software Engineer

Lemnconfex Ltd – Romania

•   Designed and developed a Microsoft Access-based application that allows automatic placement of custom size panels on fiberboard sheets. Automating this task allowed the company to use as few fiberboard sheets as possible for any given combination of panels.


Software Engineer

Praemium Ltd – Romania

•   Designed and developed a database system for the plastic product manufacturing company qTec Quedlinburg, Germany. The multi-user system supported the processes of raw material procurement (Just In Time method), production, warehouse management and retailing.
•   As a member of the team responsible for requirement analysis, design and development, I communicated directly with the customer and wrote user documentation in English and German.
•   Designed and developed a warehouse management system using object-oriented and multi-tiered development methods.
•   Improved a multi-user price-analysis application written in Microsoft Access.


Software Engineer

Elite Promotion Ltd – Romania

•   Designed and developed the e-commerce web site of the company, featuring the digital version of the 130 page catalog of promotional gifts, allowing customers to place orders over the Internet.
•   Designed and developed a database containing diverse data about thousands of companies. The corresponding application automatically sent promotional materials over modem-to-fax connections during the night.



European Computer Driving License (ECDL/ICDL)

WELCOME E-Learning


European Business Competence* License (EBC*L)

WELCOME E-Learning


French Language Course

Voilà Language School


Interviewing Job Candidates

GE Healthcare Technologies


Introduction to Leadership

GE Healthcare Technologies



GE Healthcare Technologies


DICOM & Connectivity Training

GE Healthcare Technologies


Software Ergonomics Training

DSGI Ergonomic Engineering Office Ltd

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Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Babeş-Bolyai University

•   Project leader in the development of the university's on-line education system (eLearning).
•   Thesis: "Designing the Conceptual Model of Databases Using UML". The corresponding application consisted of a visual modeling tool of Entity-Relationship diagrams using an extended UML notation, the automatic transformation of these into logical (relational) data models and finally the generation of the corresponding SQL DDL script.


High school diploma

Báthory István High School

•   High school graduation with specialization in Computer Science.


•   Péter András, Ata Kabán, Róbert Mikes: Neural Network Approximation Of Fuzzy Logic Operators, Annals of the Western University of Timişoara, Philosophy Series, vol. 12, pp. 149-161, Timişoara, Romania, 2000
•   Judit Robu, Róbert Mikes: Office Automation – Text Editors, Lifelong Learning and Distance Education Center, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 1998. This is a university textbook about using text editors (Microsoft Word 97 and WordPerfect 5.1), including basic considerations of text processing aesthetics.



•   OO Analysis and Design: UML, design patterns, refactoring
•   Java: Swing, EJB, Java Servlet, JSP, J2EE
•   Internet: HTML, XHTML, XML, XSL, JavaScript, Flash, HTTP, CGI, ISAPI
•   Data management: Oracle, client-server and multi-tiered architectures

Development Environments and Tools

•   CASE tools: Rational Rose, Borland Together, Oracle Designer
•   Configuration Management: ClearCase, CMS, cvs, git – integrator level
•   Java: Eclipse, CodeGuide, JBoss Server
•   C++: Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++ Builder, GNU tool set
•   Pascal: Borland Delphi
•   Visual Basic: VBA in Microsoft Word, Excel and Access
•   Script languages: awk, bash, Perl, Tcl
•   CORBA: VisiBroker
•   Data Management: Oracle Developer, Microsoft Access, Visual FoxPro, CA Clipper
•   DBMS: Oracle, Informix
•   Office tools: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio
•   DTP: Adobe PageMaker, Quark XPress, Corel Draw

Operating Systems

•   MS Windows 9x and NT-based series
•   Red Hat Linux
•   Some knowledge of SunOs and Solaris
•   Some knowledge of VRTX and VxWorks real-time operating systems


•   Hungarian: native language
•   English: fluent
•   Romanian: fluent
•   German: working
•   French: working


•   Interests: improving software development processes
•   Hobbies: sciences, investing, inline and ice skating, cycling
•   Memberships: IEEE, IEEE Computer Society and Skeptic Society